Conny Jasper

Being born is a major accomplishment itself, but what happens after that depends on many different factors.

Most people are born into families that have problems. Even wealthy families have their difficulties. It is not always money that makes people successful.

No one is actually born to succeed. Whether or not someone succeeds, and how he or she succeeds, is contingent on both internal and external influences.

Ultimately, it is the forces inside of ourselves that help us to prevail.

Your plans for personal and career success depend on the continuous generation of ideas and the modification of objectives.

When you are exposed to a new concept, you might not like it at first, but then maybe it grows on you or you begin to understand it with time. Then you are able to integrate it into your worldview.

This is how you evolve and move forward on the path to your goals. You gain the insight and then you incorporate it with your life and career model.

Now, of course, nothing happens in perfect order. But no matter what occurs, always do your best!

Everyone has their own issues to confront and handle in their own way. We each have our real or imagined monsters that are hiding in waiting for us.

Often, what we are afraid of is a possibility rather than a reality. When we worry about something happening, our worry is food for the monster.

And that food can make the monster grow. So when you do not feed it, and you focus on finding solutions and making changes, the monster shrinks.

Your fears become diminished with time and effort, and you have greater control in your life.

Planning and goal setting are important aspects of personal and professional success. Creating a roadmap with objectives and deadlines gets us from where we are to where we want to be.

But often along the way, the vehicle we are driving does not take us directly to the target destination. It takes us down a side street, it stalls, it needs maintenance, and it needs to be re-fueled.

Of course, this can be frustrating. It takes up time, money, and other resources. You can either accept this or you can lose your cool.

Nothing in life follows a perfect plan or happens in a flawless way. The only way to “keep it all together” is to be flexible.

Everything costs something, whether it is time, money, or other resources. And the value is determined by whatever one is willing to give in exchange for a particular product, service, or experience.

Where and how you spend your assets is based on what is most important to you.

A chocolate bar can cost anywhere from 50 cents to 10 dollars. What you are willing to pay all depends on what you want from a chocolate bar.

So every day we make decisions about how much we will give in return for something else.

What do you really want and what is it worth to you?

Work, relationships, and all the responsibilities of life can be challenging at times. Problems in any or all of these areas can cause great concern and unease.

In order to handle the stress, it is easy to turn to fast-acting, short-term solutions. While a temporary escape can be useful, a dependence on escapism is not.

It is easy to become habituated with the diversions we use for momentary relief. So, instead of creating healthy, long-term results, we develop unhealthy habits.

And often these unhealthy habits lead to other problems. It takes a little more effort to develop stable, lasting solutions.

Everything happens because it happens, not because there is some mysterious hand of destiny making it happen.

What occurs in our lives is the result of decisions we all make. Life is a series of directions that we choose at every step of the way, consciously or unconsciously.

And that is the reason things happen.


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