Conny Jasper

Everyone has their own concept of what success is for them. Success may be interpreted as a large bank account, a wide social network, a great career, or any other achievement.

Ultimately, success is what gives you peace of mind. When you have a regular feeling of inner peace, then you have achieved the quintessential goal.

As things shift in our personal lives, we are confronted with transitions that upset the established order of things. Instead of feeling threatened or lost, we can find ways to adjust and re-create a sense of order.

During times of change, you need to keep your head clear and not get sidetracked. There is always a way to make change work for you.

One of the reasons we have difficulty moving forward is that, deep down inside, we feel unable to do so. Though it can be hard to admit, we fear that we will be incompetent in achieving our goals.

So we stay where we are, even if we do not like it.

But it is the fear that holds us back, not any actual inability to do what needs to be done. 99 times out of 100, the problems that need to be solved can be solved.

All it requires is some understanding, patience, and persistence. Naturally, you have what it takes to move forward and attain your goals.

Our brains and bodies become acclimated to certain ways of doing things. We become mentally, emotionally, and physically connected to what we have experienced.

And this is never simple to change. Old patterns are like old friends.

So it is important for us to honor those old friends as we move on in our endeavors.

Letting go of old ways does not mean severing our ties to where we came from. It means living more in the moment.

Doing things a new way is just being yourself but better.

Many of us feel as if we have more than one person inside of our heads, and that these characters compete for attention and control.

This makes perfect sense, because we all have been raised in a world of numerous people. And those closest to us have had the greatest influence.

We absorb the opinions and moods of others when we are vulnerable to their influences.

However, when we take control of our own minds, and decide on our own opinions and moods, we become more integrated.

Any kind of change in life involves some kind of a risk. You have no proof that the risk you take will turn out for the better.

So you have to trust that it will, knowing that taking a chance on improvement is better than staying where you are now.

The best way to handle the change is to manage the risks. This can be done by going through the process in increments.

Since too much change at once can be overwhelming, know how much you can do at a time.

This will help you to manage the risks.

When making any kind of change or major investment, it is valuable to assess all the factors involved. This includes how you feel about the situation, what you have to lose, and what you have to gain.

What emotions does it stir up for you? What would happen if things did not work out the way you planned? And what would happen if things worked out well?

Everything in life is only a possibility until it actually happens. How can you make the best of what happens?


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