Conny Jasper

If you look for something you do not really need or want, or something that is just not available, you involve yourself in an exercise in frustration.

If you spend your time seeking what you really need or want, and what is actually available, you get results.

In this world with ungrounded expectations, we often find ourselves pursuing romantic notions and unrealistic ideas.

Lofty dreams and goals are important, but they also need to be grounded in reality. Look for what you can find. 

In the world of social interaction, we regularly act according to our innate inclinations and the patterns of behavior we have learned. We all have our ways of managing and being in congruence with others.

Our relationships follow certain ingrained habits as well as social arrangements. How we get along with others depends a lot on how we get along with ourselves.

The key here is ourselves. Each one of us is an individual who is made up of many different elements. The various aspects of ourselves have developed from different innate traits and life experiences.

All the parts of ourselves are a team that works on various projects and goals. How well does your team collaborate? Do you communicate effectively, get along amiably, and accomplish things on time?

Remember, your “company” is only as good as your team. Collaborate successfully.

We invest in an education, relationships, a car, a home, a retirement fund. While these are all necessary life investments, one of the most vital investments you will ever make is the one you make in yourself.

Investing in yourself is more than getting your hair done, your teeth cleaned, or your wardrobe updated. It also involves developing your positive attributes and improving who you are.

When you invest in yourself, you take the rough edges of your life and smooth them out. And you take the gems of your best traits and let them shine.

Patience is a much more complex process than it seems. It is based on many mental and emotional factors.

One of the main factors is trust. We often become impatient when we think that a goal will not be achieved or accomplished in a timely way.

Another factor is knowing what to do in the meantime. When you know how to occupy your time constructively, you can achieve quite a lot in the process.

The key to patience is “letting go.” Letting go allows you to be an observer of a situation rather than someone who is entangled in circumstances.

Patience means being able to recognize your thoughts as manifestations of your mind and being able to tame your mind.

With this awareness, you can be more mindful, release control, and be freely open to the flow of what is.

Everyone wants to live in a better world, one that is more healthy and enjoyable than the one we have.

We talk about it and we wish for it. But we need to do more than talk and wish. We need to take action.

Action involves doing and taking responsibility. It encompasses empowerment and accountability.

Are you ready? 

How do you figure out what you want when you think you do not know what you want?

What you want is not what other people tell you that you want. What you want is what you really care about and feel in your soul.

You already know what you want. But if you let self-doubt get in the way, you will continue to think you do not know what you want.

Knowing what you want is the first step in the journey.

We all know what our priorities are. But sometimes we need to prioritize our priorities.

Your plans can only hatch when you know how to cultivate them. That means you need to do things in order of timeliness and importance.  

You can only get where you want to go by doing things in sequence. You cannot get to point Z without first going through A, B, C, and etcetera.

There are no short cuts. Know what, and how, you need to do it, and then do it.



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