Conny Jasper

Work, relationships, and all the responsibilities of life can be challenging at times. Problems in any or all of these areas can cause great concern and unease.

In order to handle the stress, it is easy to turn to fast-acting, short-term solutions. While a temporary escape can be useful, a dependence on escapism is not.

It is easy to become habituated with the diversions we use for momentary relief. So, instead of creating healthy, long-term results, we develop unhealthy habits.

And often these unhealthy habits lead to other problems. It takes a little more effort to develop stable, lasting solutions.

Everything happens because it happens, not because there is some mysterious hand of destiny making it happen.

What occurs in our lives is the result of decisions we all make. Life is a series of directions that we choose at every step of the way, consciously or unconsciously.

And that is the reason things happen.

Despite all of the information available about stress management, stress is an issue that continues to plague the human population.

As pressures from the situations of life make demands on our time, emotions, and resources, tension can build and cause physical and/or mental pain.

The build-up of stress is a demon that is held on a leash within or unleashed on others. It is often the human tendency to either hold on to this fiend or to let it out on other people.

But the challenges of life do not have to accumulate and become a demon. Through mindful practice and the continuous effort to release tension, you can find relief.

Many things are wrong. Human society is beset with problems. The news is filled with the bad and the ugly.

We need to be aware of this but not let it rule our lives. We need to know and understand what is wrong in order to protect ourselves and not to be drawn into it.

When you have this insight and sensibility, and keep yourself safe, you can focus on what is right and good. You can do your best to live a healthy life and be a healthy influence in the world.

By making change, with what is right, you will change what is wrong.

Change is a shift from one condition to another, whether it is a small change or a big change.

A large change can seem overwhelming, but even a minor change can seem like a lot. It all depends on your perspective as well as your willingness to do something different.

Sometimes you want to make a major transition, but you do not do it because it seems so daunting that you do not even make the small changes that will get you there. Yet incremental changes in the right direction can take you on the way to accomplishing that major shift.

It is the minor advances that lay the foundation for your greater breakthrough. Small changes can and do lead to big change.

Is your problem yours and yours alone? Is there no one else in the world with a problem like yours?

Maybe, but probably not. It certainly is your experience and your task to handle. Yet many people have or have had similar problems. And many of them have resolved the issue.

When you get caught up and entrenched in the difficulties of a problem, there seems to be no way out.

But when you seek guidance and information, from those who have been through the same situation and have overcome it, you will also find a resolution.

Anger is just one of a wide range of emotions, and its level of intensity can be experienced on a wide spectrum.

If anger were a color, say red, we would have bright red on one end and light pink on the other end. So let’s say that bright red represents violent rage and that light pink is peace.

Within this range, there are many shades of anger, including mild irritation, resentment, frustration, and fury. Now, contrary to what most people believe, peace is not the absence of anger.

Neither is peace the absence of sadness, shame, jealousy, fear, or disgust. Peace is the ability to balance the emotions.

And that is the Tao of anger.


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