Conny Jasper

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Whenever we set out to achieve something or create something, we have to build it from the ground up. That means putting down a foundation. The foundation is created one step at a time, patiently and consistently. This applies to everything in life, including getting through school, building a relationship, developing a career, or healing an illness.

It is often challenging to accomplish things, because we keep our eyes on the end result instead of the process. Therefore, it is helpful to map things out and to chronicle our progress.

Before the artist paints a picture, the artist has a vision. And the painting does not just magically appear on the canvas. It has to be thought out, sketched out, worked out. There are many details. It takes time and effort to bring a work of art to life. And so it is with life in general. How do you bring your life alive?


No matter what your business, there is something that needs to be taken care of everyday. It’s an ongoing thing. So how do you turn taking care of business into taking GOOD care of business?

There are some very basic concepts that can be easily applied. These are: Focus, Awareness, and Boundaries.

Focus on your responsibilities. Focus on your goals. Focus on your tasks. Focus on your priorities.

Be aware in everything you do. Be conscious of your activities and how you perform them.

Maintain boundaries at all times. Know what your limits are. Stay on track.

These three concepts will help you to be successful and will make your business more successful.