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  • Use a standard format or template, nothing fancy.
  • Get to the point, specifically state your objective.
  • Keep it brief and simple.
  • Focus on the company you are applying to.
  • Do not re-hash what is in your resume.
  • Present complementary information about what you can offer the company.
  • Do not use humor, stay professional.
  • Make no mistakes, keep it completely free from errors.
  • No fancy fonts or colors. Use Arial or Times, 12 point.
  • Stick to one page. Remember that people are busy. 


    Life is filled with challenges and distractions. There are many things that can take us off center. Your center is where you keep your physical, mental, and emotional equilibrium. Your center is where you keep your focus and awareness.

    When you are centered, you are self empowered and your energy is balanced. When you are off center, you lose some of your power and energy.

    Being centered is an art. Maintaining your center is a skill to be practiced, like learning how to play the guitar or do yoga.

    What does centering mean to you? How do you keep your center? What do you do to bring yourself to center, when something throws you off?