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In the course of my week, I do a lot of Internet research, and I look at different motivational web sites and blogs. One of the better sites that I have come across has some very stimulating articles on self improvement and personal success.

Among the many thought and behavior provoking writings is the topic of how to cook brown rice. “How wonderful!” I thought. Motivation and productivity are important, but healthy food is important, also. It is the fuel of life.

Healthy food has a place in the pursuit of achievement and fulfillment. Good physical health is necessary for the accomplishment of goals and objectives.

Too much junk food can slow you down in one way or another. It wreaks havoc on your body and your mind. The better you eat, the better you feel. And the better you feel, the more successful you can be.



There are many different kinds of people and many different kinds of personalities, and everyone has a different way of doing things. So finding inspiration is a personal thing. How and where you find it is up to you.

Inspiration is something that lights a spark inside of you and motivates you to follow that spark, see where it goes, and allow it to flourish. The possibilities are endless!

Inspiration takes you down a path that leads to creativity, whether that creativity is in cooking, painting, dancing, exercising, singing, gardening, or whatever. It opens your mind and your soul.

Inspiration feeds your mind and your soul. It gives you power. It is a flow of energy that connects you with your own essence and connects you with the universe.

Find your inspiration and nourish your mind and soul! Life is to be lived today.

Everyone has things that they want to accomplish. Some people have fairly clear ideas, and some have rather vague ideas, about what they want.

I have often been with clients, friends, family, and acquaintances who have expressed a goal that they want to achieve. But when I ask them, “Do you have a plan?” The answer is usually, “No.”

This does not surprise me, because goal setting and planning is often not something we are taught while growing up. Our normal routine is to pretty much do things as they come along.

Around the start of a new calendar year, most people are thinking about what they want for themselves. But as the year progresses their goals begin to be less and less at the forefront of their thoughts and activities, soon fading into the background until the beginning of the next year.

So I suggest being very clear about what you want. Then sit down and write out a plan. Be sure to inculde every single step that is involved. And then stick to your plan. You can make it happen when you put your mind to it.