Conny Jasper

Archive for July 2011

The problem with problems, both large and small, is that they are
constantly a part of life. And so is the task of problem solving.

Sometimes we perceive a problem as a giant monster who is about to painfully
tear us up and devour us. So what we need to do is shrink that big
monster down into little monsters that are not so terrifying.

Think of the problem as a challenge, an activity to be worked out. Create a
solution by breaking it down into manageable parts. When we separate
it into different components, and put them in order of priority, it
then does not seem so overwhelming.

First, get clear about what the problem actually is. Second, define the
various aspects of the problem. Third, figure out and design a
strategy for resolution, including alternative or back up plans.
Four, move forward and put your plan into action.

When you are able to solve your problems in a clear and logical way, you
will find this greatly empowering.