Conny Jasper

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What does it mean to follow your passion? Certainly everyone has a different opinion on this. While some encourage you to pursue what you love, others advise you to be absorbed in practical pursuits that pay the bills.

To follow your passion is to take risks and make sacrifices. Following your passion is not about just making money. It is about doing something meaningful and having a sense of fulfillment. It all depends on what you really want.

You can work at a job that brings in money, and you can go after your dream and make it real. It’s all about balance.


Your creativity is a reflection of your ability to move back and forth between abstract thinking and concrete thinking. It starts with a dream, an insight, or a feeling that lends itself to the potential of manifestation. The potential is the pen, the paint, the clay that brings forth tangible results.

Inspiration is the key to creativity, action is the door, and achievement is the door that is opened. Through the open door we are transported toward our goals. The open door is your access to opportunity and to recognition. Naturally, the type of opportunity you want and recognition you receive is up to you. And each door that opens leads to another one!

Be creative! You have the key. Now, find and open the door!

Success is something that has to be cultivated. Each achievement we make is another step toward success. Advancement does not usually happen in great strides, for it happens most often in a subtle way. With this in mind you will prevail.

You cannot leap to the top of the mountain. You must first prepare and then climb your way up. And each person’s ascent is different. We each have our own unique experience on the path.

If you stumble along the way, you pick yourself back up and keep moving. It is only through diligence that success is attained.