Conny Jasper

Resistance is Human Nature

Posted on: February 18, 2013

Resistance is a behavior based on emotion. It is a reaction to a perceived threat. Our minds and bodies become accustomed to doing or having things a certain way. But when the pattern is challenged or altered, it makes us feel uncomfortable. This is so, even when the change is a positive one.

Resistance is a self-protective function. It is rooted in a primal need to preserve the status quo. When something challenges our habits or thought processes, it makes us feel vulnerable.

Everyone experiences a certain level of resistance when faced with new or different perspectives or ways of life. It is a natural response that gives us the opportunity to evaluate and assess the change in existing conditions. In this space between the resistant reaction and the conclusive assessment, it is necessary to shift from emotion to intellect.

When we stay within our emotional responses, we do not get anywhere. Resistance wins out, and nothing changes. Moving forward requires making a clear minded decision and a commitment to doing what is most beneficial for oneself.


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