Conny Jasper

Change the Paradigm – Smash the Plot

Posted on: June 19, 2013

A paradigm shift is a change in ideas and perceptions. Originally related to science, the term is now applied to human consciousness. A paradigm is a pattern or a model.

Society is based on a configuration that is shaped by the collective whole. The dominant paradigm is formed by, and maintained with, the participation of most members of the system. Notice I said “most members” not all members. Not everyone has to be in full agreement in order for the paradigm to endure.

As a matter of fact, the dominant paradigm can thrive quite well with some members who protest its structure. Protesting the structure does not change it. As long as the majority continues to participate, the dominant pattern persists.

You cannot change the dominant paradigm because you cannot change the population of the world. However, you do have the power to change the paradigm within yourself. This is where the shift can occur. You can transform your own consciousness and reconfigure yourself within the global system.

The story is yours. You have the ability to smash the plot and re-write it!


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