Conny Jasper

The Hero’s Journey

Posted on: July 1, 2013

The mythologist, Joseph Campbell, is famous for saying, “Follow your bliss.” However, he also said, “In the…mythologies, one puts oneself in accord with the world, with the mixture of good and evil.”

The journey is not only about discovering yourself and your place in the world, it is about how you handle the challenges of living and how you reconcile yourself with the positives and negatives of society.

Following your bliss is not necessarily a blissful activity. It can be quite fraught with frustration. Time and time again we are confronted with obstacles and tests of our resolve.

The hero’s journey involves the constant effort to achieve victory. In addition, this effort does not always receive recognition from others. The main thing is that you know in your own mind and heart that you are the champion of your life.


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