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Whenever you are faced with a major decision, it is useful to take some time to summarize the details. Taking inventory is a good way to assess and evaluate a situation.

You can gain a full perspective by making a list comparing all of the positives and negatives involved. With this understanding you can begin to take the steps and make the changes for an effective outcome.


Each day we make the effort to handle all of the various tasks of life and work. In this complicated modern world, it can be challenging to accomplish everything that needs to be accomplished.

In essence, it is all about balance. The juggling act works out as long as we can manage each part.

The balance depends on priorities. When we know what to prioritize and in what order, we become successful jugglers.

Convenience is a prominent concept in the modern world. As we take on more activities and use more technologies, we seek the means to gain more convenience.

This is supposed to make our lives better. But we often find our lives becoming more complicated.

Genuine convenience is something that gives us some comfort and saves some time and energy, not something that makes life more stressful. Remember this when making decisions about what you commit to and what you purchase.  


The enjoyment of life is not only about buying and using material things. More than anything, it is the common pleasure of breathing fresh air, drinking a healthy beverage, eating a delicious meal, having a laugh with a friend.

It is the moments that make up the strand of time. Life should be enjoyed for the satisfaction of being alive and being connected with the world around you.

This is why you are here.

Wisdom and success are found in simple strategies such as doing something one step at a time. Everything you achieve happens in increments.

Even when you fly a spaceship to the moon, you have to build the spaceship first.

Never try to bypass a step. You will fail.

Why would a spaceship to the moon blow-up? Because somebody neglected a very important step in the process.

Do not blow-up your spaceship. Better yet, do not sabotage yourself by missing or bypassing any part of the process.

We live in two worlds: the world inside of us and the world outside of us. This is the dualistic nature of the universe.

Our inner world contains our own inherent disposition. The outer world consists of a multitude of variables that can effect us in numerous ways.

Awareness of your personal physical, mental, and emotional constitution is essential to handling external influences. Knowing your own true nature is vital to living well with the outside world.

How do you nurture your nature?

We all want to feel content and comfortable with our lives. So we look for ways to gain fulfillment.

Often we rely on external sources of solace that give us fleeting satisfaction. While certain resources and supports are necessary for security and stability, they do not complete our inner selves.

Personal fulfillment is based on inner fulfillment. Inner fulfillment is what gives you the energy to handle the challenges of life and succeed in your goals.