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Making choices requires making a commitment. By making a decision, we take on a responsibility or a series of responsibilities.

When you make up your mind about something, you are not just making an isolated choice. There are usually other circumstances connected with the decision.

If I decide to go out to see a movie, I also have to choose which movie I will attend at which theater, who I will or will not go with, what I need to bring with me, and any number of other issues.

Even simple choices may not be that simple. However, when you know yourself well, and you are a well-organized person, decisions are much easier to make.


One of the wisest things anyone ever said was that we should not take anything personally. When we take things personally, we take on an unnecessary burden. There is no need to add extra weight to your concerns.

It is easy to become self-protective and throw up a wall of defense when we are criticized or feel attacked. It is a primal response.

However, when we take the time to stop and think, instead of just reacting, we are able to handle the situation more clearly and sufficiently. That is, when you stay centered, and stand your ground, other people cannot throw you out of balance.

Remember that everyone is living within their own experience, not in yours. They see and act from their own mental constructs, not from yours. Understanding this will help you with your own well-being. 

We tend to equate the quality of our lives with two things: our economic standard of living and our physical health. While these are important and give us stability, we all have an inner drive for a greater sense of fulfillment.

Your quality of life is based on your own individual satisfaction, or dissatisfaction, within the societal conditions that you live.

In America, we have a fairly high economic standard of living. Yet in spite of the material abundance in this country, about half or more of all Americans are not happy. Why?

They blame a sluggish economy, an incompetent government, corporate greed, and an entire list of other factors. The world has a lot of problems, it has had problems for thousands of years, and it will continue to have problems after we each leave this mortal plane.

While there is a limit to what you can do about the societal conditions you live in, there are an abundance of ways you can increase your own personal sense of satisfaction. Your quality of life is your task.

Effective strategy is the crux of career and life success. While many sources provide various definitions, strategy is basically a plan of action. And it can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. Either way, strategies are needed to accomplish things.

Strategy is not a high idealistic dream but a practical and tactical approach to accomplishing your ideals. Whatever your goal is, you need to have a solid strategic plan.

Ideas and beliefs are more easily grasped and adopted when there is already a foundation in place for those ideas or beliefs. For example, if it is generally accepted to gossip about celebrities, most people are likely to gossip about celebrities.

On the other hand, ideas and beliefs that are not widely established tend to be ignored or belittled. For example, the current and widely held belief is that animals are objects to be kept and/or used by humans. To challenge this belief is to be met with skepticism and defensiveness.

The ideas that are transferred and maintained are all ideas from the smallest to the largest, from the mundane to the profound. All human concepts effect our lives in many ways.

Consider how various ideas and beliefs impact your thinking and your life.

Innovative ideas are not necessarily new ideas. Most of the time, they are concepts that are influenced by, or that add to, already existing concepts.

Historically, all ideas and inventions have been derived from previous ideas and inventions. There has to be a foundation for the formation of new discoveries.

Innovation is the production of novel designs, ways of thinking, or procedures. It involves the generation of changes to older models. For example, the personal computer evolved from previous inventions.

Personal innovation is the ability to progress and transform yourself and your life. Use what you have learned and accomplished so far as a springboard to the next level.

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