Conny Jasper

The Role of Relationships

Posted on: October 4, 2013

Relationships are the foundation of society and the core of the human race. Without relationships there is no social system and there is no humanity. Then why do so many people have such difficulty getting along with each other and accepting our differences?

Civilization was built on a system of rules and guidelines. Laws were needed to keep people in congruence with one another. However, somewhere along the way we became disconnected from our natural instincts and our lives became more controlled.

People lost their natural ability to relate in intuitive and balanced ways. We forgot how to live in a normal and healthy way with each other.

All human relationships are a vital part of this experience called life. And we need to remember this.


2 Responses to "The Role of Relationships"

You are an AWESOME Writer Conny I enjoy reading them…

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