Conny Jasper

Critical Thinking

Posted on: October 9, 2013

Although this term has recently become a buzz phrase in education and career, critical thinking is as old as humankind. Throughout time, people have often used this mental process in different ways.

Critical thinking is an evaluative method based on reasoning. It is a step by step approach to assessing a situation and reaching a conclusion.

In recent years, the United States has gone through a phase called the “dumbing down of America,” which has been the purposeful diminishment of intellectual enlightenment. The objective was to standardize education, the workplace, and popular culture.

The idea was that, in order for everyone to be able to “get ahead,” we had to use a cookie cutter approach. But this tactic does not work. It is a major blooper.

As a society, we are slowly beginning to realize that standardization does not work well. It is a recipe for boring, bland, and mediocre. And that is not what we really want, because it creates stagnation.

The innate human drive is to be curious and to find useful and inventive solutions to our problems. That is a lot more interesting.


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