Conny Jasper

Self Affirmation

Posted on: November 4, 2013

Affirming yourself is a way of boosting your self-confidence and personal well-being. It gives your mental and emotional batteries a charge. Self-affirmation helps you to gain and maintain control over your life and propel you forward in your goals.

Self-affirmation is a process of thinking about and focusing on your personal values and abilities. By affirming yourself, you enhance your sense of self-worth and increase your personal integrity.  

Self-encouragement enables you to handle stress and gain more control of your life. It helps to reduce the number of obstacles in your life.

When you are more aware of your thoughts and actions, you are better able to rid yourself of negative or unhealthy behaviors and adopt positive and healthy behaviors.

Personal affirmation provides incentive and motivation because it causes you to concentrate on resourcefulness and self-discipline, rather than incompetence and disorder. It helps you to be proactive, instead of being paralyzed by your problems.


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