Conny Jasper

Watching Alice in Wonderland

Posted on: November 6, 2013

Watching the Disney movie Alice in Wonderland is entertaining. It connects with our feelings and senses on many levels.  

The story provides us with the typical “champion overcomes all obstacles” theme. This motif speaks loudly to us because we all want to overcome life’s difficulties. We all want to slay the Jabberwocky, save Wonderland, and go on to rule our own entrepreneurial empire.

However, many of us feel overwhelmed by the actual task of confronting our demons and monsters. The great mountain that must be climbed looks enormous from the bottom.

It is easier to stay right there at the bottom of that mountain, crying, wishing to be at the top. It is easier not to have put on that suit of armor and go out into battle.

It is easier to sit on a comfortable couch in front of a video screen and watch a movie character do all the work and become the hero of the day in just two hours.

Success does not happen in two hours, not in two weeks, not in two months, not in two years. It takes as long it takes. Remember, Alice is not the star of your movie, you are.


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