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Every problem has options. The only time a problem has no answer is when we do not look for it. If you want answers, start looking.

Simply stated, there are three dimensions to a problem: the past, the present, and the future. So your options depend on these three elements.

You cannot change the past, but you can learn from it. Now, the present is your most useful medium. This is the crux where change happens. And the future depends on what you do in the present moment.

Remember that once you have solved a specific problem, there will always be others to resolve.


When setting and working toward a goal, it is vital to remember the immediate moment. Achieving what you want is not only about the future.

Success is also about what is happening in the here and now. The future is where we set our deadlines, but the present is where we live our lives.

Everything that happens does so only in the moment.

With a clearly stated mission, your mission is possible. It is far easier to accomplish your goals when you have a vivid concept of what you are doing and where you want to be.

The mission, vision, and values are not just for businesses. They also work for individuals and groups.

These statements are simple yet powerful, and they can have a major influence in how you conduct your life and your actions with others.

Your mission encompasses your primary purpose and goals. Your vision is the way you carry out your mission. Your values are the principles that are most important to you.

These lucid declarations will help you to stay on track, carry out your plan, and fulfill your quest.


The greatest obstacles we face in life are the ones that reside within ourselves. We often fall into the trap of being our own worst enemy with negative thoughts that attack us and plague us.

We allow ourselves to be overcome by dissatisfaction. Many times we do not even do this in major ways, but in subtle ways as well. Watch out for that!

By concentrating on what we think is wrong, we only serve to magnify it. In order to grow and make progress, we need to be truthful with ourselves about our personal strengths and challenges.

Be realistically aware of your limitations as well as your assets. In this way, you can readily overcome your own obstacles.

Just because something used to work does not mean it will always keep working. Things change from moment to moment, from day to day. As Heraclitus once told us, everything is in flux.

That is why we have to be adaptable and resilient. The formula for success that worked ten years ago may not be the one that works today.

The real blueprint for achievement is to keep your eyes and ears open and pay attention. Learn from the past, and keep up with the times and the issues of the day.

Knowing your purpose emanates from knowing yourself. When people are unsure about what they are meant to do in this world, it is because they are confused or afraid. They are confused by mixed messages or too many options, or they are afraid to do what they really want.

There are whole books on finding your life purpose that are filled with all kinds of questions and suggestions. One can spend hours, days, weeks, or an entire lifetime trying to figure out what to do.

Sometimes the answer is right there in front of you. All it takes is recognition and acceptance of what you really want.

You cannot change the situation you were born into. You cannot trade in your parents and exchange them for different parents. You cannot go back in time and undo the events of the past.

All you really have is the circumstances of your life in the present moment.

So what can you do right now at this time to make it better?