Conny Jasper

Shopping With Consciousness

Posted on: February 26, 2014

The modern person hunts and gathers in the modern marketplace. In the old days of tribal life, people used their full capacities to sense what was around them. They watched, listened, smelled, and felt.

Today we are very shut off from the full capacity of our senses. We are overstimulated and overwhelmed with too much input and not enough of the right kinds of input.

When we go shopping in the supermarket, we tend to constrict our senses as we seek certain items and brands. This is because there is so much stuff that demands our attention. The larger the store, the more overwhelmed and constricted we are.

This causes us to function in a less than conscious way. And this leads to many less than conscious buying decisions.

Stores are consciously arranged to incite compulsive purchases in unconscious buyers. How many times have you returned home with a certain item and asked yourself, “Why did I buy this?”

Remember, buyer, be aware!


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