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Getting things done is more than just completing tasks. Yes, we all have basic and necessary chores and errands to take care of.

But the bulk of your efforts should be focused on your aspirations and goals, not just busy work.

Work on what you are passionate about. Do what has meaning for you and gives meaning to what you do.

When you finish what you are doing, you should have a sense of accomplishment.


Not the whole world, but your world. You rule your world. You are in charge of your own life.

That means you have options, and you can do what you choose with this life. So, what are your choices? What do you have to gain by taking charge of your personal world?

And what do you have to lose if you do not?

By remaining steadfast with your goals, you will achieve them. The more attention you give to what you want, the more you will attain. A simple rule is that what you concentrate on is what will happen.

Once you have achieved your goal, it is yours to sustain and uphold. Always remember to stay focused and never falter.

When you have reached a certain level, enjoy what you have accomplished. It is yours to celebrate. Then continue your efforts from there.

When I was a child, all the other children openly expressed their loathing of school. But I felt differently.

I liked school. I liked the structured environment and the process of learning. I liked books, papers, and pens.

There are certainly aspects of the American educational system that need improvement. However, education is a vital part of personal growth and livelihood. 

Whether you like the system or not, you still have to learn the system in order to navigate it.

Education never stops; we learn something every day. 

Not all people are going to like everything you do. You know that; I know that. But it still can feel uncomfortable.

You did not get the job. Your date did not go well. Your proposal was turned down. Someone disagreed with your Facebook post. It happens.

Rejection is a part of life. So you might as well embrace it, instead of letting it bring you down.

Anyone who wants to get anywhere in life has to deal with rejection and handle it well. Just remember that everyone gets rejected for something at some point. You are not alone.

As Joni Mitchell once said, “They all laughed at Edison and also at Einstein.” But who had the last laugh?

Taking a risk is risky. There is no certainty about the outcome. And for some people, that can be scary.

We all have a different sense of how much we are willing to attempt. And it is good to know what you are and are not comfortable with.

However, do not hold yourself back in seizing or creating opportunities. Assess the risk, but move through the uncertainty. 

We are more than just our bodies, and we are more than just our minds. We are body-minds.

Our complete selves consist of both physical and cognitive processes. One’s physical state impacts one’s mental state, and one’s mental state impacts one’s physical state.

It is now a proven fact that your mind has a major influence on your physical health. A positive outlook has a positive effect, and a negative outlook has a negative effect.

When we understand the connection and interaction between body and mind, we are able to create a more balanced approach to health and well-being. We are able to embrace and incorporate an integrated way of experiencing life.