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There is a common misconception that in order to succeed we must overcome others. The shared model is one of conquering the enemy, rather than of nourishing the whole.

When we create separateness and a consciousness of us versus them, we undermine ourselves. This is because everything is connected.

When we create unity and an awareness of collaboration, we ensure that our power is bolstered. Your success depends on the success of others.


Happiness is something we all look for during the course of our lives. Often it eludes us because we are not sure what happiness actually is.

We think that gaining some object or achieving some goal is what will bring happiness. If I had enough money…If I met the right person…If I earn a PhD…then happiness will be mine.

Or, we think that the special events of life are what give us true happiness. But special events do not happen every day or every week.

So, what is happiness? 

We describe a good day as one in which things went relatively smoothly and a bad day as one in which things were challenging.

But there really is no “good” day or “bad” day. Every day is one continuous flow of life.

Every day is a matter of how we perceive it and handle the circumstances that are presented.

If the weather is inclement, and there is a strong thunderstorm, we can choose to be disappointed, angry, or disempowered. Or, we can choose to accept the conditions we have no control over and make rational decisions.

Life is not an even ride. It is an obstacle course.  


Posted on: April 23, 2014

You are the chief executive officer (CEO) of your life. Yes, you are the boss.

No matter what your job for a paycheck is, you are the one who is in control of your own consciousness.

The main responsibilities of the CEO are leadership and management. How do you lead your life? How do you manage your life?

Waking up from the sleep of unawareness is normally a gradual progression. It has to be gradual because it is a challenging process.

Waking up challenges your beliefs and habits. And the challenges involve change.

Changing your beliefs and habits can be uncomfortable. It is so much easier to continue doing things out of routine.

Even when we make a real effort to change the routine, it is easy to slip back into old habits.

Awaken with steady and constant momentum. 

If you look for something you do not really need or want, or something that is just not available, you involve yourself in an exercise in frustration.

If you spend your time seeking what you really need or want, and what is actually available, you get results.

In this world with ungrounded expectations, we often find ourselves pursuing romantic notions and unrealistic ideas.

Lofty dreams and goals are important, but they also need to be grounded in reality. Look for what you can find. 

In the world of social interaction, we regularly act according to our innate inclinations and the patterns of behavior we have learned. We all have our ways of managing and being in congruence with others.

Our relationships follow certain ingrained habits as well as social arrangements. How we get along with others depends a lot on how we get along with ourselves.

The key here is ourselves. Each one of us is an individual who is made up of many different elements. The various aspects of ourselves have developed from different innate traits and life experiences.

All the parts of ourselves are a team that works on various projects and goals. How well does your team collaborate? Do you communicate effectively, get along amiably, and accomplish things on time?

Remember, your “company” is only as good as your team. Collaborate successfully.