Conny Jasper

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Everyone has their own ideas about what is or is not acceptable. There are as many codes of ethics as there are people.

Your sense of ethics depends on the framework constructed by your life. We all have a personal belief system that we answer to. This set of standards guides your actions.

We make decisions based on our personal guidelines. Whatever you do, ultimately, you are most accountable to yourself and your own sensibilities.


We all need a foundation and a sense of structure to follow our endeavors. It is the discipline of learning and practicing that gives us a background to move forward from.

By carefully playing the notes, the chords, and the songs day after day, the musician develops his or her talent and polishes his or her creations. And so it is with every art and science.

Once the training has been integrated, one can more freely and fluidly explore the possibilities and express oneself. The work becomes more natural and creative ideas spring forth.

Your framework is your context for expansion.

The modern world presents us with many options for creating our lives. Some choices are easy, but they do not make us happy. Other choices are difficult, yet, ultimately, they do make us happy.

Those who never dare to imagine the possibilities and venture forth will also never know what it is to experience the full potential of their lives. Sure, they probably will not make many mistakes or upset many people. Those who play it safe risk very little.

But those who choose to take their chances, and make the effort to transform their lives, are the ones who more actively create their lives. 

Be selfish, not because you are self-centered, but because you are connected with the world. Consider yourself in the world and the context of social interaction.

You deserve a place. You deserve recognition. You deserve to be a full expression of who you are.

You deserve to connect with others in a healthy and balanced way. So be selfish and make healthy and balanced connections.

Time management involves not only concentrating on what you are doing or will do. It also encompasses deciding what you do not or will not do.

People who get things done are regularly making decisions about how they use their time and energy. They choose what they attend to and what they do not attend to.

By making time-wise choices, you achieve your goals more quickly. 

Of all the laws of human consciousness, The Law of Resistance is probably the most important one.

Resistance is a form of self-protection and survival. The more battles we have had to fight, the more resistance we have had to build.

Resistance forms from the number of struggles we have been through. It is like developing a tough skin or a defense against illness.

However, this tough skin or defense can also become an obstacle. That is why we need to be aware of it.

Know what your resistances are and befriend them. And then work with them in a non-judgmental way.

We are not here in this life to serve time. We are meant to have a full and free existence. Do not be entrapped by your past or by false expectations.

That which has already occurred cannot be undone, but it can be let go of. That which is illusory cannot occur, and it too can be let go of.

When you free yourself from cognitive constraints, you open up the possibilities for a greater expression of yourself and your reality.

Life is not a prison.