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There are a lot more than ten things you should do every day, and many of these things are already patterns of habit.

But maybe there are some things you are overlooking. Maybe there are some things you need to give attention to incorporate into your regular routine.

Besides what you are already doing, what are some things you should do every day?


Who you are and what you become is your personal business. You are the entrepreneur of your life.

It is your plan, your strategy, and your success. No one else can live your life and do what you do.

What you make happen for you is your own personal development. It is a personal thing.

Both our words and our inflections carry meaning and influence. What we say and how we say it has an impact on the events of our lives. 

Your communications are a mirror of who you are. And what you voice shapes your reality.

What do your expressions reflect? How do they influence your interactions with others? What is your manner of speaking?

Change is a shift from how things were, to how things are, to how things will be.

Change happens because nothing is static. What you experience today is not exactly what you will experience tomorrow.

In the process of change, we are summoned to rearrange our way of thinking and acting. And this can be uncomfortable.

We are easily attached to the status quo and readily challenged by new ideas and situations. And this is what makes change difficult, not the change itself.

Your heart may tell you one thing and your mind may tell you another. What you feel and what you think can sometimes be at odds, as they compete with each other for attention and conquest.

But what if you recognized them as friends, rather than as opponents? What if they collaborated and made peace with each other?

Your heart and your mind are a team. They work together, so when they cooperate they achieve the best results.

Your mental and physical health are your property. They belong to you and to you alone.

What you do with your well-being is your choice. You can choose to create the best possible wellness for yourself, or you can choose not to.

Every decision you make depends on what you really want. It is all up to you.

You are living the life you choose.

To complain is to air your grievances. It is an expression of discontent with a certain state of affairs.

When you consistently bemoan your problems, you emphasize them and make them the focus of your attention.

But stressing what is wrong, instead of what is right, is not a solution. It perpetuates the problem.