Conny Jasper

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Order and equilibrium can be maintained for a moment, and then the moment passes. Things change.

The nature of things is to move from one state of being to another. Nothing is static.


Every day should begin with gratitude and appreciation for life and for the opportunity to be present here on Earth.

You will not get another chance to live this life over, so do not miss out on any of the experience.

If you look at it as a chore, rather than as a blessing, it will be drudgery. It you see it as a great fortune, it will be.

Know that there is wonder in the simplest of things. Live each moment as if it is a continuously unfolding miracle.

There are two kinds of busy: 1. doing things just to take up time and 2. actually getting things done.

Occupying your time and attaining results are two different activities. And whether or not you see it, others can see the difference.

It is obvious to those around you when you are truly accomplishing something. Because they notice, they will often ask you to help them with certain tasks. This is a compliment.

Remember that the reward for hard work is more work.

Progress rarely occurs quickly or in a straight line. It begins first with a thought and then an action.

If the action works, we keep going forward. If it does not work, we analyze the situation and try something different.

Advancement toward a goal is a course of development that requires time, learning, and effort. Expect that there will be setbacks.

Progress generally happens only in stages.

If it really were a secret, no one would tell you what it is. Nowadays, a secret is more like a puzzle to be worked out.

So the puzzle to getting ahead has a lot of pieces. Each one of those pieces is important, because when they are all put together, they make a complete picture.

The pieces to getting ahead are many. There is no one magic formula or key that unlocks every door.

Even money alone is not enough to bring you success. You have to have a whole set of knowledge and skills.

We are often told that taking the first step is the one of the keys to getting ahead. But how many people are afraid to take that first step? And how many hesitate to take the second or third step?

Why do these steps seem so daunting? Do you make them look like a steep cliff or a dark alleyway instead of a nice set of wide, carpeted, well-lit stairs?

You can imagine anything you want. The choice is yours.

Everyone has certain parameters they feel at ease with and that allow them to function without much difficulty.

There are particular people, things, and situations we feel comfortable with. There are also people, things, and situations that make us uneasy.

Keeping only to the confines of your comfort zone can give you a false sense of security. And going outside of those borders can be challenging.

However, it is the challenges that nudge us forward and make us grow. Sometimes you just have experience some discomfort for a while in order to get to the next level.