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The more scattered your energies are, the less focused your time and creativity are. Small things get done, but nothing significant is accomplished.

It is like taking a package of seeds and just tossing them randomly about. But when you carefully tend the ground, and plant the seeds, you see growth happen before your eyes.

You have to concentrate on what you want and how you are making it happen in order to make it happen.

Otherwise, everything is just a diversion.


If you are looking for things to get better in your life, you have to give yourself a challenge. Sticking to the same old routine is not going to get you out of a rut.

Think of it as competing with yourself. Like playing a game of solitaire.

Have you ever tried to toss a ball of paper into a trash basket across a room or pushed yourself a little further with your exercise routine?

These were small, achievable goals. And they were challenging to you.

By challenging yourself, you motivate yourself to succeed.

When you look at a situation, what do you see? The obvious or more than the obvious?

Often what is readily noticeable is only what is on the surface. But if you look past appearances, you will see more of what is really there.

Very rarely does anything have a single facet. Limit yourself and limit your options. Or expand your awareness and broaden the possibilities.

Opportunities present themselves all the time, and many of us do not recognize them. Sometimes we just pass right by them, because they just plain scare us.

What is there really to be afraid of? There is no monster under the bed. The monster is in your head.

The hardest thing to do is to get over your own insecurity. There will always be risks, and there will always be unknowns.

Be realistic.

Explore ideas, expand your involvement in life, discover the world. We live on an amazing planet with great diversity and many things to experience.

Too many people limit themselves to certain information, foods, music, places, events, etc. By allowing yourself to broaden your sphere, you enrich your knowledge and gain understanding.

Try something new. It just might make your life a little better.

A business model is an example of how actions can be implemented. It is not a law.

Any design for development and progress is one of many different types. This means we have options.

A particular model may only take you so far; it may not solve all of your problems.

If you become too attached to one methodology, you risk getting stuck. Be willing to consider other ideas and approaches, and this will allow you to restructure your endeavors.

Unless you are a hermit in the woods, social systems are an important part of your life. In this respect, we are easily influenced by the people around us and inclined to follow the status quo.

When we do what everyone else is doing, and act in accordance with outer expectations, we live an unexceptional life in which we fit in with others.

While this is not a tragedy, it does keep us within our comfort zone and does not expand our growth.

If you follow the crowd, you function on the energy of the group. If you follow your own inner compass, you find and act on your own power.