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Many people live for the future and that time when someday, some way, somehow everything is going to be just right.

Yet that perfect time seems to evade you like the carrot on the stick. You keep moving forward, but it is always out of your grasp.

The future is an intangible place. It does not exist.

Your reality is right here, right now.


Everyone has been through events that have shaped them and provided a framework for the experience of the present.

The past has a major impact on who you are and how you interpret the current moment.

Many people carry their past with them and think and act as if it is still happening. This is constricting and limits your experience of the moment.

When you let go of the past, you are free to fully enjoy what is happening right now.

Holistic thinking is the ability to consider things beyond what is readily recognizable.

You are able to see with more than one perspective at the same time. You have a greater sense of the whole and use more of your brain capacity.

Holistic thinking expands your involvement in life. It makes everything a lot more compelling and meaningful.

Value creation is a term used in commerce to describe how a business creates value for its customers, employees, and investors.

The creation of value encompasses many things, and its main purpose is to satisfy everyone who has a stake in the company’s success. When stakeholders are pleased with the results, the company makes money.

But it is not just companies that need to create value. We all need to do this in our individual lives in order to improve our worth in and for the world.

When you increase your personal value and what you have to offer others, you make your life better and contribute to the collective experience as well.

Many of us think that success is based on certain measures, such as:

  1. Successful people are naturally lucky.
  2. They have it easy.
  3. They are good looking.
  4. They are liked by everyone.
  5. They are naturally high achievers.
  6. They are “special.”
  7. Success is measured by how much money you have.
  8. Success means having it all.

But what does “success” mean to you? How can you be successful for yourself, in your own way, in your own life?

The average person limits himself and sets his aims low so that he cannot fail. And that is fine if you want to live an ordinary life.

But maybe, if you are curious, you feel some kind of tug in your soul. You want a little more from life.

Maybe you do not want to be average, just a face in the crowd. Maybe you want something more fulfilling.

Ordinary people actually do more than 10 things to stay inconspicuous.

But there are many more things you can do to be remarkable. Maybe you are no ordinary person.

Self-care is an approach to health that involves personal empowerment and responsibility for your wellness.

This is especially important when it includes the treatment of minor conditions such as headaches, flu symptoms, and digestive issues.

The benefits and the results of self-care are much more effective, quicker, and less costly than a visit to the medical practitioner.

When you take control of your health and well-being, you play an active role in decisions about your physical condition and the management of your life.

Empowering yourself by doing your research, owning your health, and making choices allows you to live well. And that gives you more stability and longevity.