Conny Jasper

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There are millions of things that are important to all kinds of people. But what matters to you is what is meaningful to you.

You know what is significant to your own sense of health and well-being. How much time do you devote to experiencing and achieving what you really want?

And how much time do you spend on trivial things that take you away from what really deserves your attention?

If you are going to make a difference in your life, do what matters.


In a society filled with pretensions and facades, it is challenging to know yourself well. We are regularly told by others what we should think, want, and do.

At times, it can be confusing to know exactly how to act. This is especially difficult in the context of our obligations, such as family and work.

No matter what is going on around you, you know what is real for you. If you can understand the difference between what others tell you and your own truth, then you are able to have a better sense of integrity.

You are at the center of your life, and your world revolves around you. It is your life and your sphere of experience.

How you perceive and involve yourself in the events of your life is your choice. An old cliché tells us, “Life is what you make it.”

This cliché is a simplified summation of a truth, but if you investigate it further, you see how true it is.

You are in your own spotlight. How do you handle it?

Wealth is often defined as owning a lot of money and/or assets. However, there are other forms of wealth such as family, friends, education, creative abilities, and any accomplishments.

Abundance can be achieved in any form that you focus on. You will be wealthy in the area that you put your effort into.

Having a back-up plan can be a useful strategy that sets your mind at ease and gives you a cushion to fall back on.

But what are your anticipated plans, the ones that you really want to achieve? What have you done so far to make them happen? Are you headed in the right direction, the one you want to go in?

If your plans are not working, it might mean that you need to adjust and adapt them in some way. It is always beneficial to take a step back and evaluate your plans up front.

Every action in life has its way of attracting what is similar to it. There exists a natural principle in which elements that are alike seek each other out.

When you complain, you get more to complain about, not less.

Complaining weakens your spirit. It takes energy away from you rather than fortifying you.

Acceptance and gratitude are the opposite of complaining. It does not mean that you passively consent to that which is challenging.

It means that you do not let it steal your soul.

The practice of being conscious of your thoughts and actions can help you to handle change more effectively and increase your ability to solve problems. Mindfulness is an exercise and a habit in being self-aware.

It allows you to be more flexible in your approach to life and to find a sense of satisfaction with your decisions.

Instead of being caught up in how things were or how things might be, you are able to let go and live confidently with how things are.