Conny Jasper

Overcome Your Fears

Posted on: March 17, 2015

Fear is a natural and instinctive feeling. Everyone experiences it to some extent now and then.

However, too much fear on a regular basis is simply bad for you. If you put your fears on a leash, you will have a better involvement in life.

What is fear, anyway? It is an uncomfortable, even disturbing, sense of imbalance. When you are afraid, all is not right in your world.

So how do you set things right? Use a practical, objective approach, rather than having a dramatic involvement.

Things are usually not as bad as we imagine they are. So, when you allow yourself to perceive a situation in an impartial way, and move past the fear, you give yourself an opportunity for growth.

How do you do that? Pay attention to your thoughts about what you fear. Never let your imagination run in a negative direction.

Recognize and differentiate between what is real and not real. Focus on how you can make things turn out for the best.


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