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Many people achieve success in specific areas. They become honor students, star athletes, wealthy investors, or accomplished musicians.

However, these are isolated fields of achievement, not complete and inclusive lifestyles. People often believe they have made it to the top when they have a lot of money, have a great marriage, or gain some kind of recognition.

But this top can be easily toppled when it lacks a solid foundation. When success comes too easy, or has no base of personal growth, it is fragile.

It lacks the power to maintain itself under duress. When attainment is fully invested in an outer source, your inner source is not balanced.

The top has to be built on a real sense of deep, inner confidence and self-empowerment.


A dimension is a measurable feature of space, length, area, and volume. Our thought processes also function in terms of dimensions from basic features to complex facets.

We consider things linearly, spatially, figuratively, and intuitively. Each type of thinking is necessary for different tasks. Often these cognitive processes are combined.

Depending on the nature of the task, your mind either follows a step by step process, or it follows a holistic, multi-directional conception of a problem and its solution.

When you engage the full capacity of your mind, you consider things more clearly and produce more effective results.

Nature is the prime example of patterns. Everything in existence is encoded with information about how to behave.

This internal information is then influenced by environmental factors. A plant seed is determined to have certain characteristics, but it is affected by the soil it grows in, how much water it gets, the amount of sun it is exposed to, and various weather conditions.

These external circumstances impact the course of growth.

It is the same for us. While we have certain physical and personality predispositions, we are also affected by the people and situations we are exposed to.

Being aware of this can help us to establish better patterns for ourselves.

Holding a grudge is just bad for your mental and physical health. It creates unnecessary tension and an obstacle to growth.

Learn from what happened. Think of a better way to handle a similar situation in the future. Then let go and move on.

It will free up your mental and emotional energy and allow you to achieve more.

  1. Wait until the perfect moment to do everything. Take action only when conditions are optimum.
  2. Have no clear goals or plan of action. Do things only when you feel inspired or in the mood.
  3. Be distracted at every opportunity and let problems get in the way.
  4. Allow the clutter to pile up in your home and workspace.
  5. Stay up late watching movies or playing video games, and then sleep late the next day.
  6. Never keep track of time.

Everyone is born into a random set of circumstances. You have no choice about where you come from. But the deck is not stacked and the dice are not loaded.

Everything is a matter of probability rather than of absolute fate. There is an order to the universe, but there are also arbitrary events.

If it all were predicted and controlled in advance, you would have no options available and no decisions to make.

The deck can be re-shuffled and the dice can be re-cast.

Both types of focus are crucial to staying anchored and building your vision. They support each other.

They work together, not separately. If you focus on one, and not the other, your vision becomes obscured.

Short term focus produces short term results. It does not create a long term outcome. But it does not provide a foundation.

Long term effects happen with short term gains. If you want to reach a pinnacle, you have to climb.