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The human brain consists of three parts: the neocortex, limbic system, and reptilian complex.

The neocortex is connected with sensory perception, movement, thought, and reason. The limbic system is connected with emotions, learning, and memory. And the reptilian complex is connected with physical functions, instincts, and drives. These three parts are meant to work in balance.

So imagine that your reptilian complex is an alligator. The alligator behaves only at a physical and instinctual level.

If you let the alligator run your life, things get out of control. You eat too much, drink too much, or any number of other too muches.

The only way to take back control is to tame the alligator. This is not as difficult as it appears; it just takes practice.


One of the things I have learned from interacting with others is that they often want to know where you get your information and experience from. People are generally wary and skeptical.

You have to provide proof of what has happened and why something is so. References reflect a history, an accumulation of knowledge, and evidence of effectiveness.

But you have to make sure your references are valid and up-to-date. Those which are reputable and current will support your endeavors.

Making intelligent decisions is paramount to attaining a satisfactory return on your investments. This pertains to any kind of investment one makes in terms of time, effort, or money.

Your options should be clear and logical, based on evidence rather than on hearsay. When you make investments with very little to go on, you usually make the wrong choice.

It is only through research and gathering data that you can know and understand the various elements involved. You have to dig deep for all facts.

Those who look only at the superficial level will not see the big picture and can be easily misled.

A radical innovation is one that differs greatly from anything that has been done before, while an incremental innovation consists of a change to what already exists.

Most change occurs at the incremental level rather than the radical. While radical change can often produce great results, it can also carry more risk.

Generally, a gradual and steady shift is the easiest to integrate. If you want to improve your life and your career, the incremental path will give you the stability you need to do so.

Innovation and invention are what make the world go around. These have been driving forces in society for hundreds of years.

We tend to think of innovation as the domain of scientists and businesses. But it is also the concern of every person who wants to be successful in today’s world.

From time to time, we need to reinvent ourselves and stay current with the latest innovations and trends.

While it certainly makes no sense to try to “reinvent the wheel,” you can transform the vehicle as many times as necessary.

Everyone runs into different kinds of problems in the course of their daily lives.

Each issue presents a different type of challenge. Some problems are more problematic than others.

How we handle them is what is important. You can either let them stop you, or you can pick yourself up and keep going.

Gratitude is an important aspect of success in life and career. But more than gratitude and appreciation, respect is just as vital. Having a positive regard for everything and everyone will take you much further.

This does not mean that you agree with everyone or like everything that happens. It means that you are aware of the divine potential in everyone and everything.

Respect for yourself is included. It is essential to honor who you are in a healthy way.

When you respect yourself in connection with all you interact with, you create balance in your life and in your world.