Conny Jasper

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Modern society offers us disconnected experiences in most areas of life. There is a great sense of separateness between the various social strata, institutions, and social issues.

But everything is connected and has an influence on each other. So how do we tap into and exercise this natural wholeness?

The mystery is that there is no mystery. The answers are everywhere.


Everything you experience is a particle of energy in the timeline of your life. The people, places, and things we interact with are all parts of the puzzle of existence.

Each piece has an influence on the other pieces. There is a link between the various things we do and create.

How well does your life and career network function? How do you connect the dots?

Each day is filled with various tasks to fulfill. Of course, 10,000 things is an exaggeration, but it often feels like it is that much. And it can be overwhelming if you let it be.

The way to accomplish your tasks is to keep a pace that works for you and use a format that works for you.

Other people can offer suggestions on how to get things done, but, ultimately, you have your own style. Figure that out, and you have it made.

The feeling of stress can build up quickly if it is not alleviated quickly. It starts with some kind of frustration, anger, or defense. Then it affects your body.

If you hold on to it, it interferes with your life. If you release it, you have health and well-being.

How do you do this? Easy. Notice it now, breath, and let go.

Planning and preparing ahead hold no certainty that things will turn out as expected. Different unknown factors can arise within the process.

However, advanced preparation will give you the foundation you need and the framework you can adapt on.

You cannot control every variable that occurs. The only thing you can control is your ability to handle the unexpected.

The biggest barriers in your path are not the ones put there by others. The largest obstacles are the ones you create in your own mind.

They start with: “But…” “I can’t…” “It isn’t…” “I don’t…” All excuses that give your power away.

If you want to attain your goals, you have to claim your power and use it. Start your sentences with: “And…” “I can…” “It is…” and “I do…”

There is a difference between knowing something and fully understanding it. You can have information, but if it is not applied, it is theory, not practice.

Knowing is not experiencing, but it is the first step. To have a holistic awareness and appreciation of anything, you have to experience it.

When you have examined and used the information, then you realize the actual value of your knowledge and efforts. “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.”