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Almost everything you do involves other people in some way. Our interactions with others are a big part of life. Therefore, it is imperative to have good people skills.

Developing good social skills is the same as developing any other kind of ability. You have to work at it.

Your achievements are dependent on your ability to communicate, cooperate, and collaborate with other people. The better you are at getting along with others, the more successful you will be.


Ambition is necessary for motivation. It is what drives you to make discoveries and to accomplish tasks. By sensing and knowing in your own mind what it is that you want to happen, you can move forward with your goals.

Be realistic, but do not be hindered by doubts. There will always be challenges, but do not let them interfere with your sense of purpose. Continue to strive ahead, even if you have to make revisions.

Remember that your ambitions are a part of you, not the whole of you. You are in this life to learn and to become fully yourself.

What is the overall cost and how effective is the result? Cost is not just about money; it is about time, energy, and emotion. What are you deriving from your expenditures?

You may be paying too much, or you may be paying too little. You may think you are getting a bargain, when you actually are not. Look at the big picture. Determine all of the factors involved.

Are you spending time, money, and energy on something that gives you only temporary benefit? Sometimes this is necessary, but not all the time. Remember, the big picture includes your future. Think ahead.

Those who are successful envision what they want to happen. Continually picturing the steps of achievement is what guides the process.

This involves a balance of optimism and realism. You know you can do it, because you have what it takes. But you also know that there is no straight path to success.

Your goals always begin as thoughts in your mind. What happens next is up to you. You can stay focused on the goal or let it float away with the wind.

What you imagine only becomes tangible when you take the initiative. How do you make your plans come to life?

The world is an expansive place with patterns that are way beyond our command. Therefore, it is wise to accept and act within the circumstances of all situations. To do so is empowering. When you are able to work with, rather than against, the given conditions, the more freedom you have.

Working against things as they are only creates more constraint. The objective is to see your way through the maze, not to entangle and trap yourself in it. This requires the ability to determine how best to handle and accomplish what can be done.

The key is to let go of judgment regarding the circumstances and take conscious and appropriate action. Be aware of your timing, move forward with poise, and proceed fastidiously.

There are two reasons to have an exit strategy in business: 1. It is not working or 2. It is working, but you are going to retire.

Aside from preparing for retirement, planning an exit strategy is like predicting failure. This does not mean you should not be prepared for problems. In fact, you should plan to circumvent or handle difficulties effectively.

Businesses fail when there is inadequate planning or poor management, not because of outside threats.

If your work is a passion for you, if you love what you are doing, you do not need an exit strategy.

By accomplishing something meaningful and fulfilling, you feed your enthusiasm to keep going.

Return on investment is what you get back from what you have provided. When you spend time and money on a particular venture, the expectation is to be rewarded for your efforts.

The phrase “return on investment” is normally applied to monetary gain. However, investments can take on and result in other guises. Certainly, money puts food on the table and a roof over your head. But once your basic needs are taken care of, life is multi-dimensional.

Return on investment can assume a greater meaning. Personal fulfillment is a vital part of being alive and getting something out of your life. Aside from earning money, what is it that feeds your soul and makes you feel whole? How can you achieve that and obtain a gratifying return on your investment?