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Leadership is not just for leaders anymore. Times have changed and so have the concepts of power and authority.

As a society, we are moving away from many of the patterns of the old hierarchical structure. We still have ranks and levels, but the duties and expectations of these ranks and levels have shifted in a more progressive direction.

The world and its various entities and organizations have become more complex, which in turn has required a different way of being in the world. Each person’s job is not that simple anymore, and the way we fulfill our jobs is undergoing a radical transformation.

The position of the peon under the control of the superior is being replaced with a healthier sense of cooperation. This is the course of the future. As individuals, we need to develop good leadership skills that carry us through our lives and our careers successfully.


Achieving your purpose takes ongoing determination. No one ever accomplished anything by giving up. When you give up, the effects of your dreams wither away.

If you truly want to reach your goal, you must persist. Keep going no matter what challenges you encounter. Life is a journey with obstacles. There will always be difficulties.

Use your mind and your energy to handle what comes up, and do it now. Do not waste time.

Remember, you are the artist, and life is your medium!

The more information you have about any problem, the better you will be at making effective and appropriate decisions. Getting answers begins with asking questions. Proposing the right questions will lead you to the information you need.

To get the right questions, thoroughly analyze the situation. Pinpoint what you really need to know. Once you have looked at everything from top to bottom, you can start your inquiry and get your answers. All it takes is a little time and concentration.

Seek the truth, know the truth, embrace the truth. What is the truth? Is it whatever we want it to be? Or is it what we are told is the truth?

What is real is everywhere around us. It is perceptible and readily within reach. All one has to do is recognize it and affirm it.

The truth is tangible and abstract. It is reality and illusion. It is the balance of opposites.

Difficulties are a natural part of doing this thing called life. Some problems we create ourselves, and others are created by external forces. Realizing the cause of a problem is where the answers begin.

The ability to handle and solve problems is a resource that comes from within. Each one of us is a catalyst of energy and power. By harnessing our inner fuel, we can be resourceful in overcoming difficulties.

And with each problem we conquer, we attain greater strength. By staying focused on your goals, you will maintain your momentum to forge ahead and make strides.

We all say we want peace of mind, yet few of us make the effort to attain it. Peace of mind is not a magic pill or an instant acting elixir. Like every other goal in life, it requires resolve.

Having a sense of inner balance is pivotal to all else in our lives. When peace of mind is your compass, you are able to find your way through the challenges of life.

You have every right to own and embody peace of mind. In fact, it should be your utmost priority. Remember this with everything you do, and it will guide you in making wise decisions. Inner balance is the key ingredient of a successful life.

Everybody is a critic, and everyone is criticized. Opinions and commentaries are regular social elements. So why do we have difficulty accepting it?

We do not like to be criticized, and often we are uncomfortable giving criticism. This is because we allow our emotions to be involved. We become easily hurt, or we do not want to hurt others.

However, criticism can have its positive side. It is a useful tool when handled well. Used appropriately, it can be transformative. Without it, nothing changes. Self-empowerment involves knowing how to receive and offer criticism in a healthy way.