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Temperance is a necessary ingredient in accomplishment. When we overindulge in anything, we upset our sense of equilibrium. It is moderation that gives us balance and stability.

To temper is to blend, just as the artist combines colors on a palette in order to get just the right tones. It takes time, effort, and patience to create the desired results.

To temper also means to strengthen and refine. Through the experiences of life and the practices of self-improvement, we become empowered and enlightened.


Taking in new knowledge is a process of re-configuring the functioning of your brain. There are many kinds of learning theories, but there are two basic ways that we learn. We learn through and with other people. And we learn on our own, not in isolation, but apart from others.

How one learns best depends on one’s own personal make up and preferences. Some people gain optimum retention through interaction with others. And some people gain the most through individual study.

It is important to know your own learning style, since the way you learn is a major determining factor in the quality of your life.

Before we begin an endeavor, we start with an outline or a sketch, rather than a complete plan or a finished product. A goal originates with a feeling, an inspiration, a notion that gradually takes shape. Everything comes together with the process of formulation: a series of thoughts, actions, and events.

This is the true magic and alchemy of life. Nothing happens with the wave of a wand or the snap of the fingers. Nothing happens instantaneously. It happens with time, and it happens through recognition, preparation, and fulfillment.

What is your idea? Initiate an outline, evaluate it, and then move forward from there.

Each day is an opportunity to make new discoveries, gain new experiences, and acquire new knowledge. Each day we have the chance to build on the discoveries, experiences, and knowledge we have already received.

When you wake up in the morning with an openness and eagerness to learn, life is an intriguing adventure. Learning is an ongoing process that allows us to build our skills and sensibilities.

Every new experience adds another layer to the texture and fabric of your life. What have you learned today?

When we think of competition, we usually think of two or more entities going against one another to win the prize. On the other hand, we think of cooperation as two or more entities working in unison on a common cause.

For the most part, our society is based on the premise of competition with just a smidgen of cooperation to keep it together.

Competition and cooperation are both parts of the natural world. We do not have one without the other, and there has to be a balance between the two. Homeostasis gives us wholeness and health.

The truth is that human society does have an imbalance between the two. So how do we bring them back into balance?

Determination is to make a decision and stick to it. First, you determine what you want. Next, you make up your mind to obtain what you want. Then, you do not stop pursuing what you want until you attain it.

But it does not stop there. If you want to keep what you worked so hard to get, you have to be determined to work just as hard at holding on to it.

Choose your intent and honor it.

Taking care of yourself is empowering yourself. It is taking responsibility for your own well-being.

Self-care encompasses knowing yourself and knowing yourself well. Rather than knowing yourself well enough, you know yourself fully and completely.

This is what being whole is. This is what holistic health is.

Self-care is taking care of yourself on all levels, in all ways, at all times. This is what it is like to be healthy.