Conny Jasper

Archive for May 2016

The way we engage with ourselves has an effect on how we interact with others. Just as your perceptions and actions influence yourself in your daily life, this activity influences how you relate to other people.

Naturally, your thoughts and behaviors shift according to what is happening at any given moment. Each day and each minute is different.

The events of a situation have an effect on us and we have an effect on the events. With that in mind, we can be more aware of how we are feeling and what we are doing. And we can choose to relate well to ourselves and to improve our interactions with others.


Convenience is a prominent concept in the modern world. As we take on more activities and use more technologies, we seek the means to gain more convenience.

This is supposed to make our lives better. But we often find our lives becoming more complicated.

Genuine convenience is something that gives us some comfort and saves some time and energy, not something that makes life more stressful. Remember this when making decisions about what you commit to and what you purchase.