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Have you considered trying yoga for its health benefits? But when you look at some of the postures, it seems intimidating? Maybe you are afraid that the exercises will make your pain or physical issues worse? Fear not, because there are many simple and gentle ways to relax yourself, increase flexibility, and develop strength.

When starting a yoga practice, it is important to listen to your body. Remember that awareness is a key ingredient in creating physical well-being. Some discomfort is normal when you begin doing exercises you had not done before, but pain is not a good sign. So work gradually toward your objectives.

The good thing about yoga is that you can and should take your time. It is not like going to the gym and getting on the treadmill or lifting weights. There is no huffing and puffing or heavy sweating. Yoga involves deliberate and focused movements designed to facilitate the flow of your energy and the elasticity of your muscles and connective tissues. And just like the more active types of exercise, yoga releases the feel good endorphins in your body.

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Have you ever been in stressful situations that caused your body to become tense? Maybe your shoulders got tight, or your back started to twinge. Perhaps you were gritting your teeth or clenching your fingers. These are common reactions to the pressures of life.

But the more often you tense your body, the less flexible you will be. Eventually, you develop slower mobility and decreased range of motion. You may even have pain associated with this inflexibility. Some people work-out at the gym for stress reduction and physical fitness, but this kind of exercise actually provides temporary or minimal relief.

Have you ever taken a deep breath and just let go? Have you ever concentrated on your breathing to calm yourself? Focused breathing is good for relaxation and peace of mind, and it is also contributes to physical well-being.

When you pay attention to your breath during various activities, this allows you to be more comfortable in a given situation. This comfort, or letting go, promotes flexibility. And increased movement allows you to perform your tasks with greater ease. When you are able to accomplish things without too much difficulty, there is less stress.

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Everyday life is a constant effort to accomplish all the things we need to get done in a single day. And there are many situations that can throw us out of balance, mentally and physically. Even the simple act of making coffee in the morning can become a challenge when the coffee grounds spill all over the floor or your fresh, hot coffee drips and stains your clothing.

If we let every agitation interfere with our activities, the stress can build up. And the greater the stress, the more it impacts your body in a negative way. So what do you do to bring yourself back into balance?

It is important to be aware of what is going on with your body and how you use your body For example, sudden, jerky movements can strain the muscles and connective tissues. Moreover, certain repetitive motions, such as regular computer usage, can create tense patterns in different areas of your body.

Balance is about bringing yourself into alignment and creating and maintaining a sense of equilibrium. This can be done by being mindful of what causes you tension or discomfort and giving yourself time out from these exertions.

It is also vital to provide your body with different activities and exercises. This gives you a chance to work other muscle groups and develop an enhanced feeling of wholeness. Bringing yourself into balance helps to prevent problems later on, or it can undo the problems that have built-up over the years.

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Physical and mental flexibility are necessary for health and well-being. I guide people to attain greater movement and accomplishment of daily tasks. Flexibility Therapy helps to alleviate the symptoms of fibromylgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, injuries, back and neck pain, repetitive stress, and other similar conditions. Through a process of mindful coaching, focused breathing, and gentle movement, you will have increased mobility and enhanced quality of life. I am available for personalized sessions in your home in Middlesex and Somerset Counties, New Jersey.

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Conny on Raccoon Ridge (2)Many people go through life wondering “Why am I here?” “What is this all about?” “What is my purpose?” Some people know right away what they are supposed to be doing. But for most people, it takes a long time to figure that out. Your life purpose is what you are meant to be doing. It is the reason you were created.

The universe gave all of us certain gifts, but it also gives us obstacles, distractions, and tests of our resolve. Each person is different and has his or her own path to follow. No two life journeys are the same. Each person has a unique life purpose.

Everybody is creative. Life is creativity. The universe is creativity. There is creativity in everything we do. For example, to achieve anything, you have to use your imagination. You have to imagine how something will happen and what the possible results will be. You have to think about it before it happens. Creativity is what gives us life and drives our existence. The fact that you are here is the result of creativity.

When discovering your life purpose, listen to your soul. Pay attention to your intuition. Trust in the universe. Be aware of what is going on inside of you and around you in your environment. The answers come to you when you allow things to happen naturally. Be patient and maintain your resolve. Everything happens through a step by step process.

Remember that everything is connected. So let go of narrow thinking and do what feels right in your soul. Do what gives your life meaning. Do what makes you feel glad to be alive. You are free to do what you want. You have a choice.

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