Conny Jasper

the art of flexibility


1 – Use good grammar and punctuation. A poorly written post goes nowhere.

2 – Know and understand your target audience. Who are you writing for?

3 – Say it well and say it concisely. Get to the point!

4 – Stay on topic and keep it focused. Don’t lose your audience.

5 – Make it interesting and entertaining. End with a good punchline!


This is an expression used as a call to surrender in the face of inevitable defeat. It is also popularly known in the Star Trek series as a message from the Borg to assimilate with their species. However, I use the term here to describe mental, emotional, and spiritual surrender to the universe. This surrender is a powerful way of exercising “resistance.” It is a way of opposing that which is controlling and constraining.

To resist then is to let go, be in the moment, and stay in the moment. It involves being fully present and aware that the moment will pass. Every moment passes. There is no moment that does not pass. We are continuously moving through the eternal flow of time and space.

As long as we remain present and let go, the perceived obstacles melt away. This is because everything is fluid. When we focus on an obstacle and become attached to the obstacle, it does not appear to move. However, when we let go and do not become attached to the obstacle, it eventually dissolves.

Obstacles are illusions. They are put in our way to distract us. And distractions impede our progress. Breathe and let go. Resistance is futile.

May Article

What Is Your Passion

The other day, I was driving down the road when I saw a car in front of me with a big sticker on the back emblazoned with the bold letters “BLISS.” Hmm…I began to wonder…where is this going? Should I follow this bliss?

Yes, my curiosity got the better of me and I did follow this bliss. At first it was fun. But the car just kept going and going. And I kept looking at the clock. How long is it going to take? Should I stop and turn around?

Although I was a little bored and anxious to get somewhere, I continued on. Well, it is a good thing I did, because I was happily surprised. I discovered something I would not have otherwise discovered if I had given up and turned around. And my life is better because of it.

I learned that it is rewarding to be patient and follow your bliss.