Conny Jasper

We lead busy, active lives moving from one task to the next, taking care of the daily work and chores. While these pursuits are necessary and essential, it is equally important to take time out from the day’s event and seek a moment of peace.

Rather than continuously occupying ourselves, we need to make time for stillness and reflection. Doing so helps us to replenish ourselves and refresh our energies.

It is vital to restore yourself every day in order to maintain your physical, mental, and emotional health. When you do not regularly revitalize yourself, you become drained of energy which leads to weaknesses in body and mind. And that, of course, is not good for you or any of the people around you. Remember to take good care!

Resistance is a behavior based on emotion. It is a reaction to a perceived threat.

Our minds and bodies become accustomed to doing or having things a certain way. But when the pattern is challenged or altered, it makes us feel uncomfortable. This is so, even when the change is a positive one.

Resistance is a self-protective function. It is rooted in a primal need to preserve the status quo. When something challenges our habits or thought processes, it makes us feel vulnerable.

Everyone experiences a certain level of resistance when faced with new or different perspectives or ways of life. It is a natural response that gives us the opportunity to evaluate and assess the change in existing conditions.

In this space between the reaction of resistance and practical assessment, it is necessary to shift from emotion to intellect.

When we stay within our emotional responses, we do not get anywhere. Resistance wins out, and nothing changes. Moving forward requires making a clear minded decision and a commitment to doing what is most beneficial for oneself.

Our world is a complicated place with a huge and diverse population. Everyone has their own issues they are dealing with as well as their own ideas about how the world is or how it should be. Some of it is good, some of it is malicious. There is a constant tension of motivations and instigations.

Most of it is beyond our control. The only thing we can control is how we handle what goes on around us. In this, you have a choice. You can either get caught up in the fray, or you can take charge of your own life. It is up to you to decide what will help you to be safe in the world.

Begin by focusing on your own world and creating safety in your own space. Act in a way that is conducive to being safe. Use your rational thinking skills and trust your instincts.

Do not feed societal fear and feelings of perilousness. Often, our feelings of worry and anxiety are not rooted in reality. They are based on “what if.” Recognize the difference between “what if” and “what is.” This is how you can begin to relax and live safely.

Everything that takes place begins first with an idea. Given time and energy, the idea grows and follows a particular course. It becomes real by sustaining it.

Imagination is based on mental images and words that, when brought together in a cohesive way, can be used to produce creative projects. Imagination is a malleable element that allows us to envision ways we can make our lives different and better.

When you align yourself with your own capacity for inventiveness, you can achieve many things. Life is filled with possibilities.

The world is a busy place with lots of activity, noise, and sights. It is a constant carnival of competing attractions. Wherever you stand, it begs your attention.

But your heart and your life are your own to guide. When you cultivate centeredness in the protection of your home or place of sanctuary, you can cultivate it elsewhere as well.

It is a task well worth your time and effort. The rewards of cultivating centeredness in all you do are valuable.

What does it mean to follow your passion? Certainly everyone has a different opinion on this. While some encourage you to pursue what you love, others advise you to be absorbed in practical pursuits that pay the bills.

To follow your passion is to take risks and make sacrifices. Following your passion is not about just making money. It is about doing something meaningful and having a sense of fulfillment. It all depends on what you really want.

You can work at a job that brings in money, and you can go after your dream and make it real. It’s all about balance.

Your creativity is a reflection of your ability to move back and forth between abstract thinking and concrete thinking. It starts with a dream, an insight, or a feeling that lends itself to the potential of manifestation. This potential is the pen, the paint, the clay that brings forth tangible results.

Inspiration is the key to creativity, action is the door, and achievement is the door that is opened. Through the open door we are transported toward our goals. The open door is your access to opportunity and to recognition. Naturally, the type of opportunity you want and recognition you receive is up to you. And each door that opens leads to another one!

Be creative! You have the key. Now, find and open the door!


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