Conny Jasper

Holding a grudge is just bad for your mental and physical health. It creates unnecessary tension and an obstacle to growth.

Learn from what happened. Think of a better way to handle a similar situation in the future. Then let go and move on.

It will free up your mental and emotional energy and allow you to achieve more.

  1. Wait until the perfect moment to do everything. Take action only when conditions are optimum.
  2. Have no clear goals or plan of action. Do things only when you feel inspired or in the mood.
  3. Be distracted at every opportunity and let problems get in the way.
  4. Allow the clutter to pile up in your home and workspace.
  5. Stay up late watching movies or playing video games, and then sleep late the next day.
  6. Never keep track of time.

Everyone is born into a random set of circumstances. You have no choice about where you come from. But the deck is not stacked and the dice are not loaded.

Everything is a matter of probability rather than of absolute fate. There is an order to the universe, but there are also arbitrary events.

If it all were predicted and controlled in advance, you would have no options available and no decisions to make.

The deck can be re-shuffled and the dice can be re-cast.

Both types of focus are crucial to staying anchored and building your vision. They support each other.

They work together, not separately. If you focus on one, and not the other, your vision becomes obscured.

Short term focus produces short term results. It does not create a long term outcome. But it does not provide a foundation.

Long term effects happen with short term gains. If you want to reach a pinnacle, you have to climb.

The great Roman statesman, Caesar, knew the power of drama. He used it in his speeches and political tactics. And his death was a highly dramatic event that people still talk about today.

Drama is an emotionally charged situation that demands attention and readily gets it. Unless it is an emergency, such circumstances on a regular basis are unhealthy and unproductive. It takes time and energy away from more essential and resourceful tasks.

Do not let others lure you into their show. Leave the drama to the novels and movies.

Assumptions are conventions or expectations that are accepted without question. They allow us to accomplish daily activities without too much consideration.

Some assumptions are necessary because they just make life easier. But other assumptions keep us locked in to certain ruts.

If you want to get out of the rut, you need to challenge your assumptions. You have to take a good look at what is really going on.

Are you ready?

Imagine this: You are preparing to meet with yourself and conduct a professional interview.

How would you get ready and what questions would you ask? What would be the focus of this encounter?

Would you feel confident and competent to satisfactorily meet your interviewer’s expectations? Why or why not?

If interviewing yourself is a big challenge, then it is probably something you need to do.


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