Conny Jasper

The art and practice of life is based on basic principles. Everything that happens starts with a simple step.

Waking up in the morning is an ordinary occurrence. It is the first step of your day. From that point, you move through more complex actions.

All activity is founded in practical practice. By retaining and integrating the basic steps, we are able to complete the more intricate and challenging pursuits of life.

This is what keeps us grounded, balanced, centered.

Starting something is a major part of goal setting and accomplishment. However, finishing something has equal importance. Knowing how to finish something, and when to finish it, is what gets us to our final victory.

It is essential not to become so attached to something that you do not know how and when to let go of it. Do not let anything hold you back. Do not leave things unfinished.

Go ahead and complete that project and get it done! Endings do not have to be sad or anti-climactic. Celebrate and move on to the next thing.

In the world of business, there is this talk of building your personal and professional brand. Your brand is not your product or service; it is your image.

So what does it mean to build your image? It means creating, developing, and implementing a presentation that gets your point across and attracts your targeted audience.

Brand development is not just for companies or organizations anymore. We live in a world where you as an individual have to polish your appearance and make yourself shine so that you can make your mark in your life and in your career.

In between the physical and mental activities of life we need spaces that enable us to get clarity and maintain stability. We have to make and allow for openings in our daily undertakings. By creating mental, emotional, and spiritual intervals, we keep ourselves connected to our true natures and the balance of life.

Be aware of when you need these spaces. They do not have to be long stretches of time. Even a few moments can provide the break you need. However, they should occur as often as possible.

These breaks can help you to process and integrate information. They can help you to get clear and gain understanding. Without creating these spaces, existence is just one long chain of events with no real and meaningful connection. Stay balanced; stay centered.

Temperance is a necessary ingredient in accomplishment. When we overindulge in anything, we upset our sense of equilibrium. It is moderation that gives us balance and stability.

To temper is to blend, just as the artist combines colors on a palette in order to get just the right tones. It takes time, effort, and patience to create the desired results.

To temper also means to strengthen and refine. Through the experiences of life and the practices of self-improvement, we become empowered and enlightened.

Taking in new knowledge is a process of re-configuring the functioning of your brain. There are many kinds of learning theories, but there are two basic ways that we learn. We learn through and with other people. And we learn on our own, not in isolation, but apart from others.

How one learns best depends on one’s own personal make up and preferences. Some people gain optimum retention through interaction with others. And some people gain the most through individual study.

It is important to know your own learning style, since the way you learn is a major determining factor in the quality of your life.

Before we begin an endeavor, we start with an outline or a sketch, rather than a complete plan or a finished product. A goal originates with a feeling, an inspiration, a notion that gradually takes shape. Everything comes together with the process of formulation: a series of thoughts, actions, and events.

This is the true magic and alchemy of life. Nothing happens with the wave of a wand or the snap of the fingers. Nothing happens instantaneously. It happens with time, and it happens through recognition, preparation, and fulfillment.

What is your idea? Initiate an outline, evaluate it, and then move forward from there.


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