Conny Jasper

Wisdom and success are found in simple strategies such as doing something one step at a time. Everything you achieve happens in increments.

Even when you fly a spaceship to the moon, you have to build the spaceship first.

Never try to bypass a step. You will fail.

Why would a spaceship to the moon blow up? Because somebody neglected a very important step in the process.

Do not blow up your spaceship. Better yet, do not sabotage yourself by missing or bypassing any part of the process.

We all want to feel content and comfortable with our lives. So we look for ways to gain fulfillment.

Often we rely on external sources of solace that give us fleeting satisfaction. While certain resources and supports are necessary for security and stability, they do not complete our inner selves.

Personal fulfillment is based on inner fulfillment. Inner fulfillment is what gives you the energy to handle the challenges of life and succeed in your goals.

The path of life presents many challenges as we journey toward our destinations. The way is rarely simple or easy.

Even when we use a map for guidance, we encounter changes and events that are unpredicted. How we manage these challenges is up to us. Those who have prepared themselves by building their inner strength and life skills will manage them best.

How do you handle the challenge of challenges?

We all have a burning desire to achieve our aspirations and be successful with our goals. We all have creative ideas for accomplishing what we want.

Yet, so many of us let things get in the way of making it all come true. When the action begins to happen, we do not follow up or follow through. We create our own roadblocks.

If you really want to fulfill your dreams, learn to read the signs and signals. Keep your commitments and follow up and follow through.

When you are unclear about what you really want, you are likely to meet with frustration. Be aware that frustration is quite keen at keeping its appointments. It will continue to meet with you until you have made a clear assessment of what you really want.

What you “really” want is the key here. It is not what you have some general idea about or what someone else wants for you. It is a very lucid and focused realization of what your mind, body, and soul require for a life of fulfillment.

What do you really want?

When an actor or a musician develops her skills and learns her repertoire, she repeats the work over and over. This is done for two reasons: 1. Memorization is taking place and 2. The skill is being perfected.

In order to prepare for a test, a presentation, or a performance, one has to learn the material and be able to demonstrate competence. This can only happen through repetition.

To do the same thing repeatedly may not seem very interesting, but it is very valuable when working toward a goal. It is the repetition that allows you to build on your foundation and create a great product.

When things go wrong in our lives, it is easy for us to put the blame on others. We condemn our parents, teachers, government, or workplace for what they did or did not do. We place responsibility on natural, celestial, or divine forces.

Certainly, outside influences have an effect on us. However, how we handle these influences is our own choice. When we take responsibility for ourselves, we get much better results.


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